Healthcare Innovations

The NHS is challenged to deliver modern effective healthcare in an age of severe financial constraints and an increasing social IT awareness and increasing public expectations.

Patients, Carers and NHS professional expect and require, secure and accurate patient records and health informatics solutions.

Over recent years national solutions have been aspired to and rarely delivered in part due to the complexity of the infrastructure underpinning the sharing of information across health communities, and the ability to acquire adequate funding investments.

Significant progress has been made in terms of a national secure network and the adoption of industry standard protocols and topologies for security, communications and programming languages. As a consequence of the worldwide recession progress has now stalled leaving major developments in partial implementation with little or no scope for major reinvestment to complete and or replace whole systems.

By utilising the pre-existing infrastructure and industry interoperability tools and standards it is possible to build integrated solutions economically across a number of technology platforms. Working with multiple vendors to specify, select and implement integrated solutions this way.

Our experience as healthcare professionals and IT Consultant enable us to work closely with customers and prospective systems suppliers to provide advice and assurance of the needs of the client and the delivery of working technical solutions.

With in-depth understanding of healthcare informatics and practical experience on integration of Medical Devices, Network and Communication Technologies enable us to facilitate strong and effective communications between clients and suppliers.