With over 30 years experience in NHS management and procurement of Clinical systems and application, we offer a range of consultancy and project management solutions. DHCEO (2)

02/2009 – 05/2014 Birmingham Community Healthcare NHS Trust Birmingham

General Manager – Business & Performance management of the regional tertiary specialist rehabilitation service, including business planning and performance management across the Specialist Rehabilitation Service. In Patient Services, Prosthetics and Orthotics, Specialist Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy supports to Brain Injury and Amputee client groups. Lead in the planning and direct operational management of the specialist equipment service business units. Posture & Mobility, Access to Communications and Environmental Controls, Wheelchair Services

03/2008 – 01/2009 Nations Healthcare Limited Nottingham

Clinical Services Manager – Lead in the planning and day to day operational management of the clinical specialty Integrated Practice Units of Medical, Surgical and Day Case Surgery specialties in an Independent Treatment Centre, Delivery of Cancer “Two Week Wait” targets for Dermatology.

Responsible for active management of RTT for a Medical Specialties – Cardiology, Respiratory, Dermatology and the Centre’s Diagnostic Services, Cardiology and Respiratory

04/2003 – 03/2008 Derby Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust Derby

PFI Project Program Manager – Responsible for procurement and co-ordination of installation and implementation of medical equipment including Integration of clinical systems with EPR and information systems. Advisory role to the suppliers of systems to the project.integration with IT systems including long-range planning, strategy, providing support to other project managers and general managers within the Trust

09/1978 – 03/2003 Southern Derbyshire Acute Hospitals NHS Trust Derby

12/1999 – 03/2003 Medical Out-Patients Manager

08/1984 – 11/1999 Head of Clinical Measurement Services

10/1996 – 07/1994 Senior Chief Physiological Measurement Technician

09/ 1978 – 09/ 1996 Physiological Measurement Technician